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Power is an essential utility in today’s world. We are capable of designing and building power solutions for any applications with either renewable energy or power generators. Our latest interests align with the sustainability principles with which we are aiming to install large scale solar power plant installations to transform power from the natural source of sun light. Despite its high capital costs, installing solar panels results in unparalleled savings in ever-increasing price of utilities in today’s world.

We have successfully installed and commissioned a 737KW solar power plant in Hambanthota. The project was multi-faceted and included the mechanical installation of solar panel structures and the electrical network connecting the solar panels to the main distribution transformer. Kent was also responsible for the electrification of the Administration Building of the same project. Our expertise also expands internationally as we have also installed and commissioned 500KW solar panels in Maldives. These panels were installed on the existing roofs of the buildings in Male.

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