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"Safety First" is not mere words to us. We understand the value of a human life and we want our workforce to return to their loved ones safely after work. We want them to feel safe, happy and healthy. Armed with our own experience and following the industry norms, our processes are developed to follow the best practices of health and safety procedures adhering to OHSAS 18001 standard. Ensuring zero accidents is our aim. We continuously conduct regular safety meetings for the staff from all management levels and risk assessments of each project.

We take the orientation into safety procedures and the safe meetings very seriously. We make sure that no employee could set his foot inside the site without receiving a complete orientation by our senior safety team. Every employee is instructed to report any adverse condition in the site which could compromise his workplace rights and any potential risks that could arise. Wearing PPE is a must for any person before entering the site. We provide employees with necessary harness and other relevant safety equipment. The sites are provided with fire extinguishers, safety exists and assembly points. We believe in inclusive managerial behavior and we ensure that the employees receive the appropriate training. Regular trainings drill on fire and first aid keep our work force updated and trained with the safety risks and precautions.

Regular visits by our HSE Manager and his team assures the best safety practices are being implemented at all our sites and workshops.

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