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Over the last two and a half decades, Kent has earned its reputation to be globally recognized as a premier engineering services provider in the construction industry. None of these achievements would have been made into reality without the dedicated crew of professionals from all level of management putting together massive collaborative efforts under our unique vision. At Kent, we are proud of our ability to offer people the roles in huge variety of areas as well as to transfer knowledge and skills between the different sectors.

We value individuals despite their background, race, religion and color. We make sure to provide variety of external support services for our people to develop their technical skill levels and their interpersonal soft skills. We believe in the process of life-time learning and we establish the stage for the employees to seek career development in Kent. We believe that our crew is our asset and we want them to feel secured at Kent.

What matters for us is your passion, dedication and work ethics. We always welcome people with innovative, enthusiastic ideas. We support the people who brings new perspectives to the projects we deliver. Whether you work as a trainee, fresh graduate or as a senior manager at Kent, we ensure to provide a seamless platform to bring the best out of your ideas. We want Kent to be the No.1 choice of innovative minds of the construction industry.

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