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In the construction industry, we are one of the few MEP companies in Sri Lanka to be accredited with ISO 14001 standards. We abide by the regulations which promote green aspects and our products - facilitated by innovate designs - meet the requirements of the standards. We have already commenced implementing the latest amendment of ISO 14001:2015. As the industrial pioneers, Kent sets the benchmark applications of green initiatives such as

  • Reusing And Recycling Materials Such As Plastic, Metal, Paper, CFL And Other Electrical Items
  • Encouraging A Paper-Less Environment
  • Reducing The Wastage Through Proper Material Ordering, Handling Processes
  • Conserving Energy

We are deeply concerned about the adverse consequences of irresponsible behaviour towards the environment. Our environmental management system focuses on using renewable energy, recyclable materials and reusing. We are pioneers in Sri Lanka for designing and installing solar panels, energy saving lighting, less carbon emitting designs, waste reduction in waste treatment processes, etc. Our sustainable solutions are customized to cater to the needs of the clients with optimized resource management and durable quality.

As the leaders in the industry, we bring sustainable practices into our office management as well. We set sustainable principles as one of our main goals and we assess and reflect on our performances annually. While working hard on protecting the environment at our sites and offices, our engineering team is committed to innovate new ways of ensuring sustainable office practices and inspire others to follow the lead.

Our ERP system is a fine example of innovating sustainable practice. From procurement of raw materials to the installation of manufactured products, every detail is interconnected and monitored and therefore unnecessary waste shall be eliminated. We continuously work to find out the restrains and solve it immediately to have a smooth inflow and outflow of materials. Our internal system helps us to promote sustainable practices inside the company.

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