Kent pioneered the design and installation of hot and cold water systems, Sewer and waste water systems and rainwater systems for development projects such as luxury apartments, star class hotels, hospitals, garment factories and infrastructure water supply schemes. Kent also installs transfer pumps, booster pumps, centrifugal pumps and circulation pumps in water supply systems.

Our portfolio further includes installation of sewer and waste systems using of U-PVC, HDPE, DI, low noise PPR and cast iron pipes and fittings in our projects.

Kent is also experienced in using different methods of fitting installations such as push fit, butt welding, electro fusion for PPR and PE systems. We are proud to note that we have successfully completed a vacuum sewer disposal network using HDPE pipes and fittings for Nilandhoo, Meedhoo, Ungoofaaru, Manadhoo islands in The Republic of Maldives.

  • Hot & Cold Water Supply Systems
  • Waste & Storm Water Systems
  • Rainwater Harvesting Systems
  KENT is experienced in turn-key fire detection and protection systems for high rise buildings, hotels, hospitals, office complexes and other kind of developments.

Kent designs fire systems in accordance with local and international fire regulations. We undertake installation and commissioning of fire alarms, smoke detectors, heat detectors, Fire Exit Signs, mimic panels, sub panels and repeater panels for fire systems.

Kent also installs wet risers, dry risers including fire hose reels, landing valves, fire hydrants and beaching inlets. Furthermore, Kent also supplies various types of fire extinguishers and fire protection and detection equipment.

The 35 storey Emperor Residential Tower in Colombo 02 and the 120 unit Trillium Luxury Apartment Tower (Phase 3) are two of Kent’s latest successful ventures.

  • Fire Hydrant Systems
  • Fire Hose Reel Systems
  • Fire Sprinkler Systems
  • Foam Systems
  • Fire Suppression Systems
  • Fire Detection Systems (Addressable &Conventional)

Kent’s range of solutions include electrical and ELV engineering solutions with services such as .electrification of buildings, lightning protection networks, underground cabling, power distribution networks, yard light systems, power panels, inverter panels, distribution boards and pump room control panels being on offer.

The mechanical and electrical installation of a 750KW solar power plant in Hambanthota, Sri Lanka is the latest successful addition to our extensive portfolio. The project was multi-faceted and included the mechanical installation of solar panel structures and the electrical network connecting the solar panels to the main distribution transformer. Kent was also responsible for the electrification of the Administration building of the same project. Moreover, we undertake fabrication of customized panel boards based on customer requirements.

  • Power distribution& lighting Systems
  • Earthing and Lightning Protection Systems
  • Building Management Systems
  • MATV, CCTV,PABX, PA Systems
  • Data & Structured Cabling Systems

Design and installation of AC and mechanical ventilation systems is another of our expertise. This includes central chilled water systems, air cooled systems, packaged units, variable flow (VRF) systems, split air conditioners etc.

The latest addition to our list of successfully completed installation of mechanical ventilation systems for high rise buildings are the 35 storey Emperor Apartment complex and the 120 unit Trillium Luxury Apartment Towers (Phase 3) in Colombo. Kent also specializes in kitchen exhaust ducting networks for star class hotels, banquet halls and other such initiatives, with our state of the art workshop which can handle the fabrication of any type of ducts.

  • Chilled Water Central Air Conditioning Systems
  • VRV & VRF Air Conditioning Systems
  • Air Cooled / Water Cooled Packaged Systems
  • Basement Car Park Ventilation Systems
  • Toilet Exhaust Systems
  • Fire staircase pressurization systems

Kent’s range of expertise includes the design and installation of gas systems. We specialize in medical, LP and industrial gas system fabrications for a wide range of developments including apartment complexes, hotels, hospitals and laboratory facilities.

One of the recent projects we have successfully completed is the LP gad system for 20 storeyIconinc Luxury apartment complex in Rajagiriya.

  • Central LP Gas systems
  • Medical Gas systems
  • Gas leak detection systems

KENT pioneer the installation of compressed air supply systems, steam distribution systems, fabrication and installation of chimney, diesel / furnace oil storage tanks (cylindrical), stainless steel and mild steel tanks, glass wool insulation, stainless steel sheet cladding work and boiler installations. Our portfolio includes the installation of compressed air and steam systems for many and varied range of applications including garment factories and breweries.


Kent undertakes customized turnkey sewer treatment and water treatment plant projects.


Kent offers end to end services in the design, supply and installation of swimming pool equipment for any kind of applications. Our experience includes swimming pools for sports complexes, apartments, hotels and for private residences. We also work on water fountains, cascades and many kinds of water features.


Kent is equipped to undertake any type of mechanical installation work. We recently added the Colombo Sewerage Rehabilitation Project, which was completed under the supervision of AngerlehnerGmbh, Austria to our portfolio of successfully completed projects. In this project, the old sewerage pumping station was replaced with a new version with a capacity of discharging 1000m3 per hour. The project involved installation of the complete sewerage system, including stainless steel pipe lines with accessories, a gantry crane weighing 3.2 tons, fine screens with inbuilt rake and lift conveyors, and submersible lift pumps.

The Kinetics artificial rubber carpet manufacturing machinery and equipment was relocated from Sydney to Biyagama in Sri Lanka and the system was installed and commissioned by Kent. Kent further specializes in the installation and commission of fuel distribution systems for fuel stations around Sri Lanka.

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